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Best Tips For Mom: Keeping Your Kids Healthy

November 8th, 2010 >> Kid's Health

All moms are overprotective with their kids. They would do anything to maintain their health. Children have lower immune system than adults and are prone to getting sick. With appropriate steps and practice, keeping them healthy isn’t much difficult to do. With proper nutrition, living a healthy lifestyle in a clean environment, ensuring safety and regular check-ups, your children can achieve grow and develop at the maximum.

Tips For Kid’s Health

  • Be updated with your child’s immunization. Vaccines can protect your child from diseases. Prevention is always better than cure. You’ll definitely be spending less with immunization than treating your child from measles, chicken pox and, hepatitis and other preventable diseases.
  • The nutrient requirement differs in every age group of children. It’s best to consult with your pediatrician which is best for your children. Generally, for growing kids, they need to eat three main meals with snacks in between. Food should be less in sugar but high in fat, carbohydrates and protein. Eating nutritious snacks is necessary. Most moms complain of having difficulty feeding their child. This is a challenge to make food appetizing, pleasing yet nutritious for them.
  • Ensure that the home is safe for children to play. Guard stairs to keep them from falling. When the floor is wet, wipe them dry immediately to prevent slips and falls. Keep chemicals and cleaners away from children’s reach. Kids are curious beings and would touch everything they see. Allow them to explore and play around but make sure to watch them often.
  • Prepare meals cleanly and cook thoroughly. Wash fruits and vegetables properly. Avoid raw foods because these may cause upset stomach to children. Always provide them with clean water to avoid diarrhea. Milk and juices should always be pasteurized.
  • During meal time, keep distractions to a minimum. Turn off the television and make them stop playing video games. This will make them focus on eating. It’s also a way of disciplining them and making them understand that meal time should be done at the dining table with family members.
  • Always clean your home. This will create a cleaner environment for children. Change the curtains, linens and rags as often as possible. This will prevent the build up of dust mites. If you have pets at home, supervise your children when playing. This can avoid accidents.
  • Teach your children frequent hand washing. Wash before and after eating, after playing with animals and after using the toilet. This will prevent spread of infection which will make your children sick.
  • Remind your children not to share utensils, eating and drinking objects from school mates. They can acquire diseases when they use other things.
  • Visit their pediatrician regularly to check their growth. Supplements may be given to help when there’s deficiency.
  • These are helpful tips to guide moms in promoting health to their children. They don’t need to spend much on multivitamins and supplements. Supply only what’s needed and live a healthy lifestyle. This will ensure the safety and health of your kids making you a happy and worry-free mom.

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